ELK simple POC

I tried using the getting started guide, and knew I was in trouble when they had me downloading shakespeare.json. Why does every IT person think that other IT people are “cultured” and would be interested in Shakespeare as a datasource for a POC?

Regardless, like most people doing such a POC, I have a /var/log/messages file I would like to index. This POC does that.

[root@cmhlcarchapp01 elasticsearch-1.5.2]# bin/elasticsearch -d
[root@cmhlcarchapp01 logstash-1.5.0]# cat conf/logstash.conf
input {
  file {
    type => "logstash"
    path => "/var/log/messages"
output {
  elasticsearch {
    host => localhost
[root@cmhlcarchapp01 logstash-1.5.0]# bin/logstash -f conf/logstash.conf
[root@cmhlcarchapp01 logstash-1.5.0]# bin/kibana

After doing this, I found entries being indexed after a while as shown below…

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